Some of the industries we serve

Funded Start-ups

Start your company off on the right foot. We’ll prevent any financial issues before they begin by setting you up with a complete QuickBooks system. And because we’re committed to your success, we’ll continue to support and maintain your books as your start-up grows.

Professional Services

We believe communication is key to the accounting process. With every professional service we work with, our priority has always been to understand the business inside out. We’ll listen to your needs and provide full access to your data at all times.

Investment Firms

At The Profit Line, we hire only the most skilled and experienced accountants who hold accuracy and integrity as standards. This is what makes them the ideal bookkeeper for generating the financial reports needed for both your shareholders and clients alike.

Tech Companies

We understand the needs of technology–based companies, especially those who are selling SAAS. Deferred Revenue can be complicated, but it is essential to the integrity of your financial information.


We have been working with non-profit organizations for years and are familiar with all of the intricacies involved – from grant reports to HST, we can help you deliver monthly reports to your Board and to your Funders.

Academic Institutions

We have years of experience working with private schools and are very familiar with the particular needs of such organizations. We can provide you with customized accounting solutions which will enable you to keep track of your expenses and, most of all, your revenue and receivables.

Law Firms

Law Society rules require very detailed books and records. Let us focus on maintaining the books so you can focus on expanding and improving your practice. Our experienced accountants are at your service.

Franchise Organizations

As a franchisee, you’re all about the business. As accountants, we’re all about the finances. We’ll take care of any royalties, expenses, and budget issues that are sitting on your plate. We’ll work with you individually to ensure your finances are working to help you succeed.